Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve! {Reindeer Pancakes}

We made these super fun, easy pancakes for the kiddos for our traditonal Christmas family pancake breakfast this year. They were quite popular AND delicious :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Decor 2012

I apologize for the lack of posts, we have been sick, sick around here. I wanted to document my Christmas decorations this year and hope you enjoy it too!

I love our 9 1/2 ft slim pre-lit tree. And yes: keepin' it real - there are no decorations on the bottom 2 feet after my toddler destroyed 6 ornaments on the first day, everything went up.

In the kitchen...
my faux but real looking poinsettas centerpiece I bought at the grocery store as a present to myself this year:)
 In the windowsill (do you see all that snow? It hasn't stopped today!)
 On top of the china hutch:
 My vintage santa goodwill find

This is the advent calendar my mom made that I grew up with. I absolutely love it and think it is perfect. To me, every other advent calendar pales in comparison!

Our "mantle" PB shelf with stockings hung with care. I made these stockings two years ago. I wanted to blog about them but never got around to it. I  based them on the Pottery Barn Kids stockings. The top is like the classic ones they have every year and the bottom was inspired by these wool vintage-tyoe ones they had in the catalogue that year although I don't see them this year. 
I got the snowflake stocking holders at the Dollar Tree at least 5 years ago. I love them and they are thick and heavy, they were before they started selling them super thin and cheap(er). I'm sad I didn't buy just one more :)

These pretty pillow covers I bought on clearance from Dear Lillie. They work perfectly with my existing pillows and I love the colors. This, and the poinsettas, are the only things I bought this year.

Here is the entry table and chalboard, I just messed around with drawing on it but it'll work for now. I love how this little vignette came together.

On top of the piano: our nativities. The Little People one is usually under the tree so the kids can play with it but daddy got tired of stepping on them strewn across the floor every night so it is taking a little break next to the other one for now :)

And here is the "Akward Ledge" that is really hard to photograph so I did it in a group of three. We really love how it turned out and looks even awesomer in person :) (is awesomer a word?)

And of course, every house needs a Christmas village and train, right? I love this one that lights up and the little train goes around the track. It doesn't take up much space and since we can't have a nice train around the tree (see ornament situation above), this will work just fine.

How did you decorate this year? Do you love your decorations? Happy decorating!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Inspiration 2012

Greetings, dear readers! I hope you are enjoying the kick-off of this wonderful holiday season. This is the most extensive post I have done in quite some time, and I really hope you enjoy it and can reap a few (or more!) great ideas from it. Granted, none of the ideas are mine, but I have put together an awesome collection of holiday ideas organized right here in one post.
A lot of these ideas are on my pinterest boards, and some are ones that I searched for specifically. All of them have a source underneath their image so you can go right to it and find out more details. I made sure to go the extra mile to include all the correct sources, there are a few that I couldn't find and so they are linked back to my pin.
One last thing: for some reason there is a huge gap in the post between food and kids. When I am editing the draft it is fine but when it's published it goes crazy- sorry about that. So just keep scrolling down until you see the rest of the post. Thanks.
Here we go..... Enjoy!


Treat filled and decorated cupcake containers
holiday treats container

Handmade reusable gift bags and tags

Chalkboard tags
Chalkboard Hangtags (10)

Perfect recycled containers for little gifts

Gift for grandmas
grandparent ornamentsource

Cute inexpensive wood craft ornament

Cookbook wrapped up in a lovely new dish towel


Love the chalkboard look and my favorite Christmas song!

Lovely rustic woodland gift tags- maybe more of a masculine look for the men in your life?
WoodsyTagFreebieBrooklynLimestone (1 of 1)

Everyone needs to remember to say "thank you" after all the receiving is done:
Easy gift tag cut outs on any paper you wish

Lovely December month printable (She has one for each month, check it out!)


I think we've all drooled over this Pottery Barn pic:
Christmas Lights from Pottery Barn_1

This was actually for the door vinyl but I just love the garland:

LOVE the wreaths on every window. Very East coast/Colonial to me.

This just looks comfy and perfect.

I actually own this dress. It makes me happy :)

These Kate Spade gold cap shoes are pretty much ah-maze-ing. Life of the party.

I have a weakness for great plaid bags in the winter.

I need a very warm something like this. Even though it is Men's, I still love it best.


Waiting for this pillow cover set to come in the mail. Perfect for my existing couch pillows.
Image of Silent/Holy Night Pillow Cover Set in Cranberry

Such a fun idea! Would be fun in any color or for birthdays too.

Simple, no cost idea for hanging Christmas cards.

Love this, except I would add some red :) I am a fun-loving red and green girl when it comes to my Christmas decorating!

Lovin' all things chalkboard.

Perfect vase filler, and yummy too! Love the antique jars and lids. Anyone know where I can find these lids????

Seen lots of these but the star shape is unique.

Just fun.
Going Green

Candy cane placecard holders. Practical AND delicious treat for guests!

Maybe I'll hang a big tin star this year?

Need to whip up one of these no-sew tree skirts.

Love my red and green trees with cranberry garland and tons of different ornaments from childhood.

Don't know why I am taken with these vintage Santa mugs:


Every time I see this picture I just want to dig in.
Gourmet Cranberry Turkey Sandwich, with baby spinach and cream cheese.

I love how you can easily drizzle the frosting on instead of going to all the work of hand piping and icing.

Always a favorite and so easy to make festive. You could even do a chocolate fondue and let people decorate their own.

Just cute. Kids would go nuts decorating these.
A healthy holiday treat!


What a great way to use up all those pesky little perler beads :)

I am so doing this (or should I say making my kids go along with this:)

Always looking for different ways to pin the "whatever" on the "whatever" at my kids parties.

Easy art. Can't wait to see what my kiddos come up with for each little "quilt block."
Easy! That's the way I like it.

How cute is this and I know the kids would LOVE it:

And last but not least, am I the only one who does this to my kids on Christmas morning? My parents did it to me, and we were not allowed to cross until they gave us the "ok." Talk about torture!

That about wraps it up! There are so many great ideas out there but these are the ones I can realistically see myself doing and that are truly inspiring me. What about you? Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

I have been wanting to make a chalkboard that I can easily update with the seasons/holidays. (I took down that huge ridiculous one on the odd ledge). This one was really easy to make and it turned out perfect. I used an old 23" picture frame with it's "artwork" still intact that I had bought last spring at a thrift store for $3 that I didn't end up using for what I originally bought it for.

Here is the frame and insert BEFORE: 

And here is the entry table space I wanted to put it BEFORE:

I used Rustoleum's Chalkboard Paint and a small roller set and just painted it right onto the poster. This worked because the poster was already adhered to a cardboard backing, otherwise it would have been too thin. In that case I would have had to cut wood to fit the frame or bought a frame with a wood backing that I could paint. The paint went on great, just make sure you stir it really, really well first. It will look like it has a blue tint but don't worry.
For the frame I just used a standard white flat spray paint. It was indoor/outdoor Premium Decor paint in white and I actually really liked it - it went on really well and even and the nozzle was nice and wide so my finger didnt get sore (!)
The chalkboard paint said it should dry for 3 days so I let it sit in the garage for 3 days just to be safe! Then I got my chalk and seasoned the chalkboard before writing on it. This means I turned the chalk on its' side and rubbed it on the entire chalkboard then wiped it off. It is important to do this with any chalkboard so that this initial seasoning will fill any holes/ porous spots so that when you write on it the first time it doesn't stay like a ghost print in the background forever.

Here is the frame and chalkboard AFTER with my holiday message:

And the space AFTER:

I love it, it's perfect! What do you think? Now I have this can of chalkboard paint and I'm thinking up all kinds of cute, fun things I can do with it........... :)  Have any ideas? Have a great week!

Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE! And check out this interesting quiz to help you decide...

I found this neat online quiz you can take to help you decide, or just give you a better idea of what the candidates believe on the issues, or which side you're really on! It was a good insight into my thoughts on political issues and left me and my husband feeling satisfied with our decisions. There were several questions that I answered with more than just a "yes" or "no". And it was not suprising but very interesting that my results showed that I was not 100% one way or the other but a big percentage of one party, some of another, and even some of a few more! And that I sided with one candidate on some issues, but with the others on different issues.
So if you haven't voted yet, or even if you have, go take this quiz- you won't regret it! Especially since voting is such an important responsibility and maybe this will help you.
Take the quiz HERE
Have you voted yet?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Cat Cookies

Feelin' like an awesome mom today 'cause I made 4 dozen Black Cat Cookies for my kids' Halloween school parties tomorrow!
I discovered this recipe online about 4 years ago when I was looking for something that was festive and made from simple stuff I had on hand. It easily became a fun tradtition and they are pretty tasty too.
For the recipe, you can go HERE.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rebecca's Easy Chicken and Dumplings

For Soup:
Cube 1 very large chicken breast, or 2 -3 small ones into 3 cups of water in a pot. Cover and boil 20 min.
Add 2 cans cream of chicken soup, celery salt and pepper to taste, 1 cup frozen veggies, and dumplings. Cook about 6 min. uncovered. Serve soup in bowls with dumplings on top, and enjoy! Serves 6 adults.
For Dumplings:
Combine 2 cups flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 cup cold butter, 1 cup milk. Drop by large spoonfulls on top of soup. They will still look moist on the outside after cooking but are done when cooked inside. Makes about 12-16. (This is actually my drop biscuit recipe and you can use this for yummy biscuits in the oven at 350' for 12 min also!)

Monday, October 22, 2012

A tasty costume! {Felt KitKat Halloween Costume}

Karen had a request this year for a KitKat Costume.  She let that big idea simmer for a bit, ate some chocolate and snipped some felt and turned this little number out.

She found a picture on line and printed it out full size.

Then she split it into 4 pieces and enlarged it.

She taped it to a sunny window and traced it onto felt. She had bought about 1/3 yard cream felt and 1 yard red felt.

She snipped and zigzagged on the sewing machine. Done!