Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Fall! {A touch of Autumn Decor 2013}

Front door wreath from Big Lots (years ago)
Wreath/sign stand and vinyl Harvest sign- local craft show
Wreath, thrifted
DIY 2x4 wood pumpkins
Flowers from Family Dollar
DIY Autumn burlap sign using twine, burlap, small wood clips, black paint
Gifted green ceramic vase
Branches from Hobby Lobby
Gifted Better Homes & Gardens ceramic pumpkin
Decor natural ball from IKEA
Gifted wood case
DIY vintage book bundle
Pottery Barn look-alike Malta lanterns from Ebay and Amazon
White pillar candles from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel clearance
Lantern pumpkin spring from Wishing well and pumpkin candle from Pottery Barn clearance
Leather chairs from Overstock
Buffalo check pillow covers from Ebay
Black candlesticks thrifted
White candles from Walmart, red and yellow from Pottery Barn clearance, others thrifted or $ store.
Leaf garland from Dollar Tree (last year)
Faux pumpkins thrifted or craft store clearance or coupon
DIY chalkboard, pomegranite vase filler Target clearance, branches from Dollar Tree (this year)
DIY Autumn Leaves plaque
Potted fern Michaels after summer clearance (this year)
Acorn from Target clearance (a couple years ago)
Glass hurricanes gifted from Crate and Barrel years ago, Apothecary jar thrifted, glass fillers thrifted, Target or PB clearance, or Dollar Tree.
Cake stands gifted from Williams Sonoma.
French wire basket gifted from Bath and Body works years ago.
Pumpkin place card holders, Williams Sonoma clearance (2 years ago).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love Target. Now I love it even more. {Do you know about the Target Redcard?}

REDcard credit card and debit card

This post is dedicated to my awesome S-I-L, Karen who let me in on a little not-so-secret secret that had I been paying attention the last several years, I would have figured this out already and made my life a lot easier.
SO, have you heard about the Target Redcard? I'm sure you've seen it everywhere online or at the store, but do you KNOW about it? You can apply for a target debit or credit card. I prefer the debit so you don't have to open another credit card. You can apply in store or online. I did it online, printed an application and mailed it in. A couple weeks later, voila! I have a cute little Redcard in my hot little hand. It entitles you to an extra 5% off your purchases and free shipping, NO minimum order. Sa-weet! THAT's what I'm talking about.
Anyway. You should check it out :)
(I was in no way paid for this post, It's all my opinion, and I just love Target :) )

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hair Makeover "selfies" & Curling Tips & Tricks

After having a baby, dealing with body changes and trying to lose baby weight, I was ready for a little change. I wanted my very dark brown hair to be more medium brown- like when I was younger, with some fun blonde summer highlights. I decided to take the plunge! It took me a couple weeks to get used to it, but I do like it (for now!). 
I have also been growing out my hair forever and have been wanting those great curls you see all over pinterest. I have tried every tutorial imaginable. My BFF was so awesome to take the time to do it for me after I had tried everything and I learned a few things. These curls stayed for several days! Before they would only stay a couple hours on the bottom. Keep reading to see what I found out!



Hot Curling Iron Tips & Tricks:
  • I needed a hotter iron. Mine goes to 350'. We used one that goes to 400'-450'. We did it around 400' and I noticed a difference right away.
  • My hair is in too GOOD of condition! She mentioned it might work better if my hair was dryer and more damaged! While I don't/won't let this happen, I realized on days I want to curl I should use NO conditioner. Along those same lines, it is important to make sure the hair is really clean, especially underneath where we don't scrub as well. Any extra product or dirt weighs it down and the curl won't stay.
  • Use mouse and heat protectant about 5 minutes before you curl.
  • Curl from the roots to the tip instead of the other way around, and kind of "pump" it through the strand. You can see tutorials for this, I had been doing this but then went back to the other way because it seemed to be faster and my curls weren't staying anyway. This was a good reminder.
  • Hold the curl with a flat hand underneath as it sets and cools for a few seconds before moving on to the next one.
  • Spray when you're done, not before you curl each strand. 
  • Run fingers through and you can turn head over to mess it up a little for that more natural, loose look.