Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Friday Four Roundup #15

1. I highly recommend the lettuce wrap tacos at The Cheesecake Factory. Both Mexican and Asian style are delicious! I was blessed to go out to lunch with two of my favorite women to celebrate them and their birthdays.

(The Tuxedo Cheesecake's not too bad either ;) )

2. Don't you just love Pottery Barn in the Fall? Had to snap a pic of their lovely pumpkin hutch window display.

3. Is there anything better than happy surprise mail? My wonderful mother-in-law handmade us this adorable Halloween banner. Squeals of delight were had by all and everyone had to pick out their favorite fabric triangle. (Mine were the silouettes, stripes, and dots of course).

4. What's Fall without a good football game? Attending a nighttime college football game snuggled up with your favorite person and eating stadium hot dogs is the best!! (Can you guess which college? Hint: It's the only one with a blue field.)

Have a Happy Halloween weekend! I can't believe that Tuesday starts the beginning of Thanksgiving season!! ~ Rebecca

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pumpkin Weather

Have a wonderful weekend! ~Rebecca