Friday, May 10, 2013

A few living room updates

After being inspired by my visit to Pottery Barn (see last post), I was itching to switch things around on the ledge and see if I could make it look like what I saw in the store. Now yes, I realize my home is not a store showroom, nor do I want it to look or feel like it is, but I have had such a heck of a time trying to figure out how to decorate this space! So after taking some pictures I was interested in taking on this design challenge. The neat thing about this "project" was it cost no money, I simple rearranged everything that was up there and added my big chalkboard to ground the grouping and define the space a little. All I did was look at the pictures I took and tried to recreate what I saw- and I learned a few things! Every grouping started with the tallest things in the middle and moving out toward the smallest things on the ends. 

So here is the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:
What do you think? Does it look like "too much stuff" bunched together, or does it look ok? I am getting used to it...

Also this Spring, I was able to save up some "odd-job/side-job" money and give my living room a little make-over. It was super fun and I love the way it turned out. 
New curtains from TJ Maxx and I sewed new pillow covers from a Target Threshold shower curtain I got on ebay. The fabric has all the colors I wanted in the room- green, blue, yellows, browns, and cute birds too :) The curtains are white with a gray/taupe trellis type design and cool metal grommets on top. Everything was just TOO brown before and it needed some color and style - a breath of fresh air. (Sorry the picture lighting w/ my phone is tricky...)

This was my BIG purchase! I had been wanting a new recliner chair for our living room for quite some time. Don't get me wrong, I still love my old chair but it was truly falling apart and looking quite dingy - it was getting embarrassing! We took it upstairs so I can still enjoy it out of public view :) But when I walked into TJ Maxx one day I was on a mission to find a new chair. My husband was doubtful but I went straight to them and lo behold there it was! Actually, I was looking at another chair but it was quite uncomfortable and did not recline. My husband said "How about this one?" It is a Lane brand which I love and it was pretty comfortable, but it didn't look like it reclined either. Then my husband looked at the tag and said "Well this tag is for a recliner, but you get the idea." Then while I was sitting in it, he said, "Wait a minute!" And pulled out the footrest and sure enough, it was a recliner! I was like "Shut up!" And he was like "No way!" And we were like "Sold!" It was quite exciting :) It was right within my budget and when I got home and googled it, I found out we got it for half the retail price! Sweet! It is called a Lane Fritz High Leg Recliner, and not sure what fabric, in case you are interested. I also bought this pillow while at TJ Maxx to bring in the grays/taupes and blue.

And here I have my fun Spring blocks (tutorial here) with new hurricanes I scored at Target on clearance for $5 a piece, my coffee filter wreath (tutorial here), and a cute metal key my sis -in- law gave my for Christmas. The mirror was from Walmart.

So that's my updates for now! Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend!

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