Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quick & Easy Crafts for the Nursery and a Sneak Peek! Part 2: Easy Scrapbook paper and washi tape banner

After the tissue pom poms (see previous post), I make this super easy banner/ garland? / pendant? / bunting? using scrapbook paper and washi tape. I used my scrap pad of Sarah Jane's Children at Play for girls and some washi tape I bought from Pick your Plum. It took about 10 minutes.

1. So gather your supplies: paper, tape, scissors, and a template for the banner. I just cut one really quick out of a scrap in the size I wanted.

2. Cut out triangles with template. I chose to cut 9. I want to possibly put her name on it but we haven't decided on one yet so this should cover all the names on our list :)

3. Lay out the triangles in whatever order you want. It would also be cute to use just a few papers and repeat the pattern. 

4. Roll out your washi tape as long as the triangles plus about 6 inches extra on each side, leaving the sticky side up.
5. Place each triangle on top of the sticky side of tape, halfway up.
6. Fold over the tape evenly at the middle al the way across over itself and the papers.

7. Hang, step back, and enjoy your handiwork!

This is over the changing table and the Children at Play On Parade fabric canvas I made. Love it :)

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