Friday, February 26, 2016

Cauliflower Two Ways {Pinned and Tried}

The food of this week apparently was Cauliflower. We are eating very healthy and trying out new recipes. This week I tried two new recipes I had pinned on Pinterest- one that we absolutely loved and one that didn't make the cut.

Number one was Creamy Cauliflower Sauce from (Click for recipe). I used it as pasta sauce on veggie noodles with broccoli and chicken. (Side note: I was extra excited to try this out in my new Blentec blender with the "sauces" button, which worked flawlessly by the way. Not an endorsement, just love my blender!) I served it to my family without telling them what it was. They all told me it smelled amazing and then they tasted it- and LOVED it. They didn't even realize it was cauliflower sauce until after their plates were empty. We definitely will be making this again. And again times infinity.

Big mom hi-five in the air for me! Lindsay from pinchofyum also uses it for creamy garlic rice and chicken alfredo pizza sauce, which I would love to try.

The second recipe was basically substituting a cauliflower mixture for pizza crust. I used a cheesy cauliflower breadstick recipe I had pinned and basically made a pizza crust with it. I followed all the directions, multiplying times four to feed the family and putting it on a cookie sheet. After cooking for 40 min, I spread a little bit of red sauce on and sprinkled pizza seasoning and cheese over the top the same way I do homemade pizza. After cooling for a few minutes I cut with a pizza cutter into "breadsticks." Unfortunately, it didn't go over great. I liked the taste but the rest of the family thought the cauliflower taste was too strong. Also, even after all that baking, they still were limp and kind of like an omelet consistency. Maybe it needed to cook longer? I guess we'll never know since I won't be cooking it again :( But I praised my family for trying something new and humoring me! I served it with a delicious spinach salad so they weren't too starving :)

So those were our dinner adventures this week! Have you tried anything new lately?