Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love Getting "Tangled" up in a Good Deal

Save $5 Mail-In Rebate

You can receive a $5 rebate check* by mail when you purchase Tangled on Blu-Ray™ or DVD PLUS and any two (2) packages of Success® Rice.
For complete details, click to downloadthe official mail-in rebate form and follow the instructions.
Offer valid, and purchases must be made, between March 16, 2011 and June 30, 2011. All requests must be postmarked by July 30, 2011. * Limit one (1) rebate per household. Please allow six to eight weeks for the check to arrive.

This was in the Sunday coupons with a coupon for another $1 off the rice. The cheapest price I have seen for the dvd is $14.96 at Walmart. Next cheapest is Target for $15.99 for the dvd.

At Walmart, the rice is $2.08/box. With 2 boxes of rice, the dvd, $1 off coupon and tax, the total comes to $19.35. Then with the $5 rebate, it's like getting the rice for free and the dvd for just under $11.

I have an extra coupon, if you want it, let me know. Blog readers will get free shipping and coupon! ha ha

Have you seen any better deals? Have you gotten any good deals lately?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Before & After: TV Armoire

Let me introduce you to our old "pet dinosaur" as my husband liked to say. He was a nice, solid wood TV armoire.
I had always wanted one of these. A nice friend gave hers to me when she couldn't even give it away on Craigslist. They say these things are the "dinosaurs of the 90's" as far as furniture goes. I don't know if that's true. I still loved it, they still sell them, and it was nice to "hide" everything. But let's face it, when something is this big, is it really "hiding?" Not so much.
Let me introduce you to our other pet dinosaur, the TV "with the box behind it." Kids don't even know what these things are nowadays and they are becoming extinct! But this was given to us by a nice old lady many years ago and it has served us well.
Until Saturday. Poor thing bit the dust. You should have seen the joy on my husband's face.
Luckily, we were given some Christmas money by my great in-laws that we had not yet spent.
So, it was off to the electronics store for a FLATSCREEN!!!
On the way home, we discussed the agreement we had come to during the purchase of the flatscreen: we buy smallest, cheapest, if we get rid of the armoire. Ok, fine but the darn thing does hold alot. of. stuff. ie: all our games, dvds, cds, some blankets, you get the picture.
I convinced my hubby that if we got rid of it, we would just have to get something else to replace it..... and the wheels in the mans' head started a'turnin.
He got out his tools and with an evil laugh sawed the top of the armoire clean off and turned it into a nice, clean TV cabinet/stand. I was delighted. "Way to be resourceful, honey! I am so proud of you!" I cried. "Don't you just love it?!"
"For now." said he.
Well, I'll take it :)
I highly recommend this project! It took a half hour and it was like a breath of fresh air afterwards.
We feel so fancy with our "new" TV cabinet and even newer TV. What do you think?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


For those DownEast Basics fans.... Um, did you know they have home decor? I didn't? Maybe you knew, and you didn't tell me? Shame on you! Simply lovely, and always the clencher for me: inexpensive! Check it out: www.downeastbasics.com

Monday, March 21, 2011

What I'm loving right now: "Now I know my ABC's....."

Alphabet - ArchitekturA few weeks ago, I spotted some Alphabet prints in my Ballard Designs catalogue. Not just any alphabet, but Architectural building designs in the shape of letters. I thought how cool it would be to get one with my last initial! After doing research, I discovered they were by a German architect, Steinbruber, and you can get a hard to find blueprint-looking poster print of the whole alphabet.
Then last week, I was enjoying a stroll through an antique store when I came across some vintage porcelain Alphabet balls in a pretty apothecary jar. I instantly fell in love, but at $2 a piece for these little balls, it was just fun to look at, but not touch. I have been obsessed ever since. Apparently, they are hard to find as well, just my luck. I thought it might be fun to just have a small collection, with a letter for each member of my family.
While I'm on the subject of using "typography" to decorate your home, I thought I'd throw in another "love"; A to Z bookends. So clever, no?
THEN, I came across the alphabet bookshelf online. Very modern, very fun. I like things orderly and chronological, however, and would love to hang them that way instead, with books and objects in them in a playroom.
Now I've sung my ABC's! Next time, won't you sing with me?
letters bookshelf
Steinbruber Alphabet Giclee PrintAlphabet / Number Ball - Small

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss me, I just found out I'm Irish...and other random thoughts

  • My mom and grandma are really good at family history. My Grandma has RED hair. So does my brother, his kids, and really, of you look closely, probably each of us grandkids and great grandkids have a strand or two. But we never knew where it came from.Well about a month ago, they discovered a line that goes back to Ireland! Pretty cool. So now I can celebrate St. Patricks day with the best of 'em, right? Too bad I don't drink alcohol....
  • Leprechauns are pretty annoying. I know they not real. But my kids think they are and they pretty much havent been able to focus on anything today for to find the Leprechaun that is hiding in our house somewhere.
  • One St. Patty's day tradition I have with my girls is to paint our nails green and put green ribbons in our hair. It's fun being a girl!
  • And by the way, what does "Erin go braugh" mean anyway? Erin go braugh is a phonetic version of "Éirinn go brách," which in Irish (Gaelic) means "Ireland Forever." It was an Irish blessing used to express allegiance to Ireland.

What about you? What do you look forward to on this Leprechaun day?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Erin, Go Braugh"...

"No, YOU go braugh, Andy! I like your kilt!"
"Thanks. It's actually my sister's old field hockey skirt." ~The Office.

Anyway..... Happy St. Patrick's Day a couple days early! Let's face it, this is a holiday I don't really celebrate, but who needs a reason to CRAFT??!?!
Thanks to my awesome S-I-L who is a project-aholic (in a good way) and is full of TONS of great ideas. These are two of her latest creations. I am working on a "LuCkY" tile of my own. So easy and costs less than $2 to make! Buy a 4x4 tile at your local hardware store and stickers on sale or clearance (she got hers at Hobby Lobby) and voila! And did you see the adorable little hand stitched clovers on the "love note?!" Adorable.
SO, Where's YOUR green???

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Cowgirl Party. (Yee-haw!)

Garland courtesy of Cowgirl's aunt which I saved and of course re-used from birthday past. Cabela's truck and horse trailer courtesy of daddy :)
Pin the tail on the pony! I was SO proud of this drawing!!! Horses are hard to draw!
Here are some of the cowgirl and cowboy cuties modeling their vests we made from brown paper bags. I just happened to find western foam stickers and horse stencils at the Dollar Tree to decorate them. I printed up sheriff star name tags and glued them on. This awesome party cost me about $5!
Homemade banner made from computer and left over scrapbook paper from the invitations. Cowgirl picked out pink and brown as her color choices for this shin-dig. She has great taste!

Authentic Wyoming rodeo poster brought home straight from cowboy country!
"loot" bags! Tried to make them old fashioned looking with brown paper bags and painted names.
Awesome horse cake made by *moi*. Tasted as good as it looked! I had to hand paint the candle pink and brown to match. Have you ever tried this? It's a little secret of mine.
Cowgirl's favorite movie "Flicka 2". Please notice the Barbie Horses and authentic cowgirl boot decor!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Architect Barbie

Finally, a Barbie with the same interests as me! This is one I would actually be interested in! Way to go, Barbie, I am glad to see you are broadening your horizens. (Now, I know it doesn't affect the end product, but if only I could look like that during my projects...)