Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Cowgirl Party. (Yee-haw!)

Garland courtesy of Cowgirl's aunt which I saved and of course re-used from birthday past. Cabela's truck and horse trailer courtesy of daddy :)
Pin the tail on the pony! I was SO proud of this drawing!!! Horses are hard to draw!
Here are some of the cowgirl and cowboy cuties modeling their vests we made from brown paper bags. I just happened to find western foam stickers and horse stencils at the Dollar Tree to decorate them. I printed up sheriff star name tags and glued them on. This awesome party cost me about $5!
Homemade banner made from computer and left over scrapbook paper from the invitations. Cowgirl picked out pink and brown as her color choices for this shin-dig. She has great taste!

Authentic Wyoming rodeo poster brought home straight from cowboy country!
"loot" bags! Tried to make them old fashioned looking with brown paper bags and painted names.
Awesome horse cake made by *moi*. Tasted as good as it looked! I had to hand paint the candle pink and brown to match. Have you ever tried this? It's a little secret of mine.
Cowgirl's favorite movie "Flicka 2". Please notice the Barbie Horses and authentic cowgirl boot decor!!!


  1. How cute!!! Wish I could have made it I was with a similar looking group but they were about 10 years older. I love the painting the candle idea I will have to remember that one. Although maybe I can hire you to bake me a cake ;)
    Happy birthday anne!!!! I miss you all.

  2. That WAS a fun party!! Loved the candle matching the cake!
    U did SUPER on a tiny budget n the kids loved the party for sure!
    These will be some of the girls most fun memories growin' up!


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