Monday, March 28, 2011

Before & After: TV Armoire

Let me introduce you to our old "pet dinosaur" as my husband liked to say. He was a nice, solid wood TV armoire.
I had always wanted one of these. A nice friend gave hers to me when she couldn't even give it away on Craigslist. They say these things are the "dinosaurs of the 90's" as far as furniture goes. I don't know if that's true. I still loved it, they still sell them, and it was nice to "hide" everything. But let's face it, when something is this big, is it really "hiding?" Not so much.
Let me introduce you to our other pet dinosaur, the TV "with the box behind it." Kids don't even know what these things are nowadays and they are becoming extinct! But this was given to us by a nice old lady many years ago and it has served us well.
Until Saturday. Poor thing bit the dust. You should have seen the joy on my husband's face.
Luckily, we were given some Christmas money by my great in-laws that we had not yet spent.
So, it was off to the electronics store for a FLATSCREEN!!!
On the way home, we discussed the agreement we had come to during the purchase of the flatscreen: we buy smallest, cheapest, if we get rid of the armoire. Ok, fine but the darn thing does hold alot. of. stuff. ie: all our games, dvds, cds, some blankets, you get the picture.
I convinced my hubby that if we got rid of it, we would just have to get something else to replace it..... and the wheels in the mans' head started a'turnin.
He got out his tools and with an evil laugh sawed the top of the armoire clean off and turned it into a nice, clean TV cabinet/stand. I was delighted. "Way to be resourceful, honey! I am so proud of you!" I cried. "Don't you just love it?!"
"For now." said he.
Well, I'll take it :)
I highly recommend this project! It took a half hour and it was like a breath of fresh air afterwards.
We feel so fancy with our "new" TV cabinet and even newer TV. What do you think?


  1. wow congrats, it looks great and way to be resourceful!!!!

  2. How cool! And perfect to watch Giant's games on!

  3. I'm thinking "Design on a Dime" all thru this post!!
    Great use of the ole' tool box!!!
    Glad the TV didn't bite the dust during the Cowgirl Bday Party!!

  4. Great idea Rebecca! I bet you could find a granite remnant to put on top too, there's a company out here that does something similar with old hotel furniture.

  5. Daily, there are hundreds of armories used to house TV's that now don't have a need. Your hubby just solved that! Give him a pat on the back.


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