Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lovely Summer Saturday in Grandpa's Backyard



cherry tomatoes







bed of roses

one of many bird nests

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My towels were featured!!!

I'm WAY ExCiTeD!
My Pottery Barn Kids knock-off applique monogrammed bath towels were featured on
Knock off Decor!
Check it out:


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I love a good quote {2}

seen in the August 2011 Womans Day, I thought these were too good to not tear out :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product Review: OPI & Loreal

My first review is of OPI's nail laquer in "at first sight." It is a nice nude color that gives your nail a naturally polished look for those quieter fashion moods. The thing I love about all OPI nail laquers is that they are good quality, thick and last for days. They have a zillion colors so it's easy to find one to match your mood! I love having a more subtle color on my fingernails and a more bright color on my toenails.
I would give this particular color a 4 out of 5.

Next up, on my continuing search for the perfect mascara, I tried Loreal's Voluminous Mascara in black with the curved brush. I am not so happy with this one. It looks clumpy, it leaves residue even after I wash my face, and I try to apply a ton of layers and it still doesn't give me the fullness I want.
On the plus side it is found at most stores and it is on the cheaper price range. I would give this a 2 out of 5.
So the search continues...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can Make That, and I DID! Pottery Barn Kids Monogrammed Bath Towels

My 3 little kidlets are growing out of their hooded towels (sniff, sniff) and a few of them are getting just plain worn out. My awesome S-I-L made a few when they were born and they have been loved to pieces.
A couple months ago I saw this picture in the PB Kids catalogue and the wheels started turning. I would have just dealt with the old towels a little longer cuz I'm cheap like that, however my family and I are relocating in a couple weeks and there is, a-HEM, one....bathroom...for my family of five. And I'm just gonna need a straight clean line of towels for each one of us that can be hung or hooked and that's that.

Personalized Applique Essential Bath Towels

So, here is the beginning of the project! Get all your stuff together first of course.

I printed out their initial on the computer and cut them out. Then I let the kiddos pick which fabric they like from my scraps, (only requirement was that they must coordinate with the shower curtain, of course!)

Continuing with my love/hate relationship with Walmart, The best price I found for decent sized and thickness of white towels was at Walmart for about $3.45 a piece.
Just so you know, the PB ones are about $22.50 a piece and not sure if that includes the personalized name.

Then I took Wonder-under, a fusible iron on interfacing and ironed away.

The fabric is now stuck to it and you cut it out.

Then peel the backing off and measure and center your letter where you want it and iron some more. (Don't you love my vintage Smurf ruler?! Yes it is the real deal, and yes I still have and use it!)

And voila! It is on the towel, ready to be appliqued.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine broke! So they sat like this for a few days. But my wonderful momma came to the rescue!

She satin-stiched them for me (again in the colors the kids chose, thus the pink with the yellow letter) and they look picture perfect! Thanks, mom.

Aren't they GREAT?!

Again, the inspiration:
Personalized Applique Essential Bath Towels

And my finished product:

linking to these parties:

and featured on:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Girl's Room: Green & Pink Style

My BFF is expecting her third! {Congrats} It will be girl #2. So girl #1 will need to move to a big girl bed soon, and decisions must be made for a big girl room and another nursery. So fun!
She was originally inspired by this adorable set from Land of Nod called "Bedding of Roses." Not only do I love this set, but I think it really expresses her style and what she likes and can coordinate into her already lovely home. The room is already painted a lovely pale pink, however, so we are thinking something like this, but white so it's not too pink in the room.

Then she scored this cute "Katie Nursery Bedding" from PBkids off Craigslist for a mere $10! If she uses this and the girls have the same color scheme, it would be really easy to transition the baby into the big girl room in a couple of years. And so the idea of pink and green is born....

I found a ton of great ideas! Most are from decorpad or just google images search. I LOVE the plushness of these beds!

RMS rachelcar shared girls bedroom s4x3 lg Kid room design ideas
A good way to incorporate the colors is to keep everything else simple, if you change your mind or want to change it up, and find some accessories in this case a great print or boards covered with fabric, to bring in the colors you want and pull it all together.
girl's rooms - Benjamin Moore - Rose Petal - twin beds white tufted headboard pink walls pink rug  Thanks to DM!    white tufted twin beds, white
Vintage needlework bedroom
antique french with ivory leaf and rose
girl's rooms - Sherwin Williams - blonde - pink green bed stools quilt starburst mirror dresser lamp  girls room, headboard, pink and greengirl's rooms - pink walls green tufted chair black caster legs green seafan art pink cornice box drapes pink twin headboards green lamp pink bed skirt green bedding pink green floral pillows sisal rug
She loves damask. However I think this room (above) is our favorite of all!
nurseries - pink green walls paint color white dresser white mirror green damask duvet pink green pillows  nurseries  adorable pink and green

She found this GREAT chair and bench set on Craigslist. As you can see, the chair is already the perfect color (score!) and she could recover the bench to match or use a great coordinating fabric.

image 0image 1

I hope you enjoyed all this beautiful eye candy for a little girl's green and pink room!

What colors do you think look great in little girl's spaces?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Decor Inspiration: PB Living Room

Pottery Barn Architectural Salvage Lighting
Ever since I saw this picture in my PB catalog, I dog-eared it, then ripped it out, then added it to my idea book. I am so in love. I love everything about this room. For starters, my couch is the same color and style. If I could just start from there and then get about a thousand dollars to finish the rest, that'd be awesome!
I love the home sentiment pillow and script pillow covers for their neutral tones and lovely character. I love the wide windows and light. I love the architectural wood lamps and pillow holders. They add so much texture and warmth. Even the flowers, candles, table, etc, etc...

What inspires you?

Friday, July 8, 2011

One of the best gifts.

Not too long ago, a precious person to me gave me an unexpected gift.

I've always dabbled here and there in the arts. I took an art class in high school which I loved, and did a few watercolors. After high school, I've always wanted to take a watercolor class, but it just never was a "priority." I still mention it to my husband from time to time when the community college mails out its brochure every fall.
And then I was given this very thoughtful gift and I am more excited than ever. I even got a mini "class" with my new set:

I know I am not very good. And I'm even embarrassed to show you, but here is a little watercolor I completed using several techniques from the mini class.
I know I have a lot to learn! But more importantly, is the excitement this has instilled within me and a desire to reach beyond myself as I am now and continue to learn and educate myself. What a fantastic gift.

Please forgive the following personal thoughts.
I've been feeling kind of badly lately, thinking about what I "do", etc , etc.
Thinking about my new watercolor set and my desires, brought me to find a wonderful article. And now I feel a little better. But even more, it has contributed to a better understanding of my purpose and direction. And I feel so blessed to be able to "become."

The meaning of education is often assumed to be somehow related to “going to school” or learning as an external experience, related only to acquiring knowledge or skills helpful toward work productivity in society.

Considered in its broadest sense, education may occur at school, at home, with family, at church, or even with an enlightening thought in a moment of solitude. Education is more than learning. It is a complex interactive teaching and learning process.

Perhaps this is not “education” as it is traditionally defined. What we are calling “education,” one may call enrichment, fulfillment, vision, teaching, learning, or a number of other words. Indeed, education encompasses all of these.

Obviously, this view of education is idealistic. But let us not be afraid to dream of the ideal, for “as [we] dream, so shall [we] become. [Our] vision is the promise of what [we] shall one day be; [our] ideal is the prophecy of what [we] shall at last unveil.” 1 The educated woman is within each one of us, awaiting discovery. Thus, education is a beautiful, progressive process of “becoming.”

However a woman chooses to involve herself, it is the dynamic process of “becoming” in education that is desirable; and excellence in that education is the loftiest goal. There are a few precious people in the lives of each of us who refuse to accept less than the best of themselves, their peers, their students, or their children; not in a demanding, oppressive way, but in a stimulating, exciting manner that makes each of us want to reach a bit higher in all our worthy pursuits toward excellence.

-from The Educated Woman Within Us by Elaine Shaw Sorensen

Thank you for my gift, and for refusing to accept less than the best in a stimulating exciting manner that makes me want to reach a bit higher in all my worthy pursuits toward excellence.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interior Design: Entry Way ideas

Camden Reclaimed Wood Console Table
Tanner Occasional Console Table with Glass Top
Ananda Serving Table

Sonoma Console
Metal Chairs Flanking Table in Living Room
I was asked for some advice for an entry way design. What is wanted is a console table at the bottom of the stairs, with a place to sit down while putting on shoes, and a mirror. My suggestion was to have two chairs flanking the table. In researching ideas, I found a few other good ideas as well: a pull out seat that can be tucked under the table, or just one great chair to complement the space. I think these pictures give lots of great ideas! Enjoy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Happy 4th of July Pie!

We have a tradition of going blackberry picking on the 4th of July...

This year the pickin's were slim but we got just enough.....

For one delicious pie!!!
I have made many pies however, this was my first lattice- crust. And I did an egg wash, which was new to me, and I highly recommend it- the crust comes out looking perfectly golden and flaky. Mmm. I just use the pie crust recipe from the good ol' Betty Crocker Cookbook and substitute 3 cups blackberries for the blueberry pie recipe.
Picture perfect! AND delicious!