Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can Make That, and I DID! Pottery Barn Kids Monogrammed Bath Towels

My 3 little kidlets are growing out of their hooded towels (sniff, sniff) and a few of them are getting just plain worn out. My awesome S-I-L made a few when they were born and they have been loved to pieces.
A couple months ago I saw this picture in the PB Kids catalogue and the wheels started turning. I would have just dealt with the old towels a little longer cuz I'm cheap like that, however my family and I are relocating in a couple weeks and there is, a-HEM, one....bathroom...for my family of five. And I'm just gonna need a straight clean line of towels for each one of us that can be hung or hooked and that's that.

Personalized Applique Essential Bath Towels

So, here is the beginning of the project! Get all your stuff together first of course.

I printed out their initial on the computer and cut them out. Then I let the kiddos pick which fabric they like from my scraps, (only requirement was that they must coordinate with the shower curtain, of course!)

Continuing with my love/hate relationship with Walmart, The best price I found for decent sized and thickness of white towels was at Walmart for about $3.45 a piece.
Just so you know, the PB ones are about $22.50 a piece and not sure if that includes the personalized name.

Then I took Wonder-under, a fusible iron on interfacing and ironed away.

The fabric is now stuck to it and you cut it out.

Then peel the backing off and measure and center your letter where you want it and iron some more. (Don't you love my vintage Smurf ruler?! Yes it is the real deal, and yes I still have and use it!)

And voila! It is on the towel, ready to be appliqued.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine broke! So they sat like this for a few days. But my wonderful momma came to the rescue!

She satin-stiched them for me (again in the colors the kids chose, thus the pink with the yellow letter) and they look picture perfect! Thanks, mom.

Aren't they GREAT?!

Again, the inspiration:
Personalized Applique Essential Bath Towels

And my finished product:

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  1. Hi Rebecca, These turned out great. Soo cute! I bet your kids love them. I know mine would. : ) ~ Catie

    Oh, and the pink girly rooms post - LOVE!!

  2. Those are fantastic! So cute! Gotta love Pottery Barn for inspiration :) Thanks for your comment on my now following you from NoBusinessLikeSewBusiness

  3. Those are awesome. I get so excited when I get a PB email notice that says there is a 60% off sale. Then sad, only to realize I still can't afford any of the adorable stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    I found you via TT&J. I am the post one before yours. Would love if you checked out my corner of blogland at

  4. Way cute! Your towels turned out great.

  5. Great Job! I featured you today at my party.

    Feel free to grab a button for your blog, if you'd like:


  6. LOVE these!! Don't you love the sense of accomplishment when you successfully "knock off" a PB product? I love PB but our budget, unfortunately, does not. :)

  7. Those look amazing! Can't wait to try this!

  8. Those look awesome! What a great idea!

  9. These are fantastic, I am adding them to my to-do list. Thank you for sharing

  10. I know this is an older post, but I am really wanting to make these (also relocating our family of five to a one bathroom apartment!). Wondering if these hold up to bleach? I can't stand smelly towels, and like to bleach them, but wondering if you could do that with the appliques. Thanks for any help!

    1. Yes! It's been 5 1/2 years and they still have their color and I bleach them. I don't know if it make a difference with the quality of fabric and thread you use- I used higher quality. Good luck on your move and thanks for stopping by!


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