Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Easy Disney Princess Party

My baby wanted a Princess party this year. It was her first party and she informed me, "I want a cake with Princesses on it. ALL of them." haha! I just made a simple sheet cake and set little princess figurines on top. Done! We borrowed the decorations and I had all the girls dress up. As the guests arrived, I had them color a crown to wear and we had Princess movie clips from Youtube playing in the background.

We made a "Pin the tiara on the Princess game"

I found a Disney Princess memory game for cheap and it was one of the games for prizes we played.

I put together goody bags with whatever I could find around town - princess tattoos, pencils, Lipsmackers, suckers and graham snacks - all princess!

We played with balloons and bubbles and then opened presents and had cake and ice cream.
The Princess enjoyed her party and it was a success!!!