Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve! {Reindeer Pancakes}

We made these super fun, easy pancakes for the kiddos for our traditonal Christmas family pancake breakfast this year. They were quite popular AND delicious :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Decor 2012

I apologize for the lack of posts, we have been sick, sick around here. I wanted to document my Christmas decorations this year and hope you enjoy it too!

I love our 9 1/2 ft slim pre-lit tree. And yes: keepin' it real - there are no decorations on the bottom 2 feet after my toddler destroyed 6 ornaments on the first day, everything went up.

In the kitchen...
my faux but real looking poinsettas centerpiece I bought at the grocery store as a present to myself this year:)
 In the windowsill (do you see all that snow? It hasn't stopped today!)
 On top of the china hutch:
 My vintage santa goodwill find

This is the advent calendar my mom made that I grew up with. I absolutely love it and think it is perfect. To me, every other advent calendar pales in comparison!

Our "mantle" PB shelf with stockings hung with care. I made these stockings two years ago. I wanted to blog about them but never got around to it. I  based them on the Pottery Barn Kids stockings. The top is like the classic ones they have every year and the bottom was inspired by these wool vintage-tyoe ones they had in the catalogue that year although I don't see them this year. 
I got the snowflake stocking holders at the Dollar Tree at least 5 years ago. I love them and they are thick and heavy, they were before they started selling them super thin and cheap(er). I'm sad I didn't buy just one more :)

These pretty pillow covers I bought on clearance from Dear Lillie. They work perfectly with my existing pillows and I love the colors. This, and the poinsettas, are the only things I bought this year.

Here is the entry table and chalboard, I just messed around with drawing on it but it'll work for now. I love how this little vignette came together.

On top of the piano: our nativities. The Little People one is usually under the tree so the kids can play with it but daddy got tired of stepping on them strewn across the floor every night so it is taking a little break next to the other one for now :)

And here is the "Akward Ledge" that is really hard to photograph so I did it in a group of three. We really love how it turned out and looks even awesomer in person :) (is awesomer a word?)

And of course, every house needs a Christmas village and train, right? I love this one that lights up and the little train goes around the track. It doesn't take up much space and since we can't have a nice train around the tree (see ornament situation above), this will work just fine.

How did you decorate this year? Do you love your decorations? Happy decorating!