Friday, September 28, 2012

October Decor 2012: Odd Ledge and Chalkboard Art {Part 3}

This ledge drove me nuts-o until a friend of mine gave me this huge chalkboard she had made for her kids. I let my kids mess with it for a while in the backyard but when we cleaned up the yard it had to go. I finally came up with this wild idea to put it up there. I asked some friends opinions and I think they think I'm crazy but I love it :) I do agree with them though that it will look better framed with some moulding or something.
I had such a fun time drawing on it, practicing my "pretty" writing. This idea was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Dear Lillie and you can see her version HERE.

I just added some faux apples I garage saled years ago and my faux pumpkins from Michaels to what I already had up there and changed some stuff around.
I added some burlap around these candles just like the $30 ($30?! Really?!) faux burlap ones you can buy from Pottery Barn HERE. I love the warmth it adds with that lovely fall brown color!

Stick around for my 4th and final post of October decor!

October Decor 2012: Fall Mantle {Part 2}

Here is an overall view from one side of the living room. I decided to take down the wreath hanging from the curtain rod since we took down the awnings outside and now you could see the backside of the wreath from the window and it bothered me. I also covered my fun blue summer throw pillows with my favorite brown buffalo check pillow covers I got off ebay last year. You can see what the living room looked like last summer HERE. I did move a few side tables and baskets around too.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year and I think my mantle is my favorite this season. The wall vases, mantle shelf, and candles are all from Pottery Barn either clearanced or garage sales. The branches and pumpkin bunch I got years ago from Wishing Well, the sign I made last year, the acorn was Kohl's clearance, the urn was from Anthropologie, the W was Hobby Lobby on sale and the leaf garland was from the Dollar Tree.

October Decor: Happy Fall 2012 {Part 1}

Computer problems again so I can only post 5 pictures at a time from my iphone (lame, I know).

I love how my early Fall decorations turned out! Everything is from what I already had except these new lovely pots and mums from Ace. I'm hoping they'll last through Thanksgiving! I am loving my front porch- we removed the screen door and old planter boxes from the previous house owners. I also bought I new front door mat from Hobby Lobby this Summer and it all really made a difference! Now we are thinking about painting the front door, house numbers, and light. (And exterior paint but that's crazy right now ha ha)

Here is my entry table. Fall branches from Hobby Lobby. You can see how I made my burlap ghost last year HERE.

Pumpins I made last year from beams and railroad ties.

My coffee filter wreath, countdown blocks, and burlap Autumn banner I whipped up with scissors and paint. I added fall berries to my topiaries. The crow was from the Dollar Tree.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest Post Product Review: Nutraluxe Lash MD {natural, full, long, beautiful eyelashes}

This post was written by my bestie, Nicole. She is a fantastic wife, mother of three, and chef behind the blog The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She asked me if I would like to feature this product review after she tried it and loved it since I like to do these types of beauty reviews here on my blog. After reading her story, I  would love to try it too! I think after you read it you will agree that the results are amazing!
(This is not a sponsered post, just something we do for fun).
Take it away, Nicole!
I was in getting a pedicure one day and this girl next to me had the most amazing lashes. I complimented her on them and I expected her to say she had extensions in, but instead she said she used this product "Nutraluxe Lash MD". She had tried Latise and a few others but liked this one the best. So I went home and jumped on Amazon and ordered it right away, When I received it I read: do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Great, I was pregnant then and I would be breastfeeding.... so it sat in my drawer for a year. It had a two year expiration on it and longer if never opened so I waited. I just finished nursing my baby back in the beginning of June. That day I busted this product out. It took about 4 weeks to see much difference, but then every month it keeps getting better. It will reach its optimal results in another few weeks- it said around 4 months. I have loved this product. Before I go to bed at night I take one swipe across my eyelid like a liquid eyeliner and that is it.... I read so many reviews before I started it and a few mentioned it made their eyes more sensitive or red around the skin in the morning, but I have not noticed anything. I make sure I do not rub my eyes at night though....

before and 8 months pregnant

It has turned my almost non-existent lashes into full beautiful lashes. The lashes are much thicker, a little darker and way longer and curlier. I just have one one coat of mascara here and I did not curl my lashes, like I normally would.... The girl who recommended it to me said each tube lasts for 6-9 months. I will probably buy another now to make sure I do not run out then go without for a while... it is under $30 per tube, it is much less expensive than extensions and more natural looking than fake lashes.....

Product Features

Alcohol FREE, Chemical FREE, Paraben FREE, Fragrance FREE, Perservative FREE, Physician Formulated, Ophthalmologist Safety Tested
Helps your lashes reach their full potential in LENGTH, FULLNESS, AND DARKNESS
Promotes hydration and helps lashes and brows to appear shiny and strong
Promotes healthy follicles, softens brittle lashes and brows & improves elasticity
Helps lashes and brows to stay longer by making lashes more flexible

Thanks, Nicole! The results are stunning. Have you tried anything like this? Have you had any great results from a beauty product that has see it to believe it claims? Let me know in the comments section.