Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Erin, Go Braugh"...

"No, YOU go braugh, Andy! I like your kilt!"
"Thanks. It's actually my sister's old field hockey skirt." ~The Office.

Anyway..... Happy St. Patrick's Day a couple days early! Let's face it, this is a holiday I don't really celebrate, but who needs a reason to CRAFT??!?!
Thanks to my awesome S-I-L who is a project-aholic (in a good way) and is full of TONS of great ideas. These are two of her latest creations. I am working on a "LuCkY" tile of my own. So easy and costs less than $2 to make! Buy a 4x4 tile at your local hardware store and stickers on sale or clearance (she got hers at Hobby Lobby) and voila! And did you see the adorable little hand stitched clovers on the "love note?!" Adorable.
SO, Where's YOUR green???

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