Monday, March 21, 2011

What I'm loving right now: "Now I know my ABC's....."

Alphabet - ArchitekturA few weeks ago, I spotted some Alphabet prints in my Ballard Designs catalogue. Not just any alphabet, but Architectural building designs in the shape of letters. I thought how cool it would be to get one with my last initial! After doing research, I discovered they were by a German architect, Steinbruber, and you can get a hard to find blueprint-looking poster print of the whole alphabet.
Then last week, I was enjoying a stroll through an antique store when I came across some vintage porcelain Alphabet balls in a pretty apothecary jar. I instantly fell in love, but at $2 a piece for these little balls, it was just fun to look at, but not touch. I have been obsessed ever since. Apparently, they are hard to find as well, just my luck. I thought it might be fun to just have a small collection, with a letter for each member of my family.
While I'm on the subject of using "typography" to decorate your home, I thought I'd throw in another "love"; A to Z bookends. So clever, no?
THEN, I came across the alphabet bookshelf online. Very modern, very fun. I like things orderly and chronological, however, and would love to hang them that way instead, with books and objects in them in a playroom.
Now I've sung my ABC's! Next time, won't you sing with me?
letters bookshelf
Steinbruber Alphabet Giclee PrintAlphabet / Number Ball - Small

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