Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY Tray {Repurposed Frame No Cost Project}

To make this tray, I used an old frame that was thick and deep.

I started by painting it a gray/black because I was going for a finish similar to this, a vintage looking rubbed white I saw in my Ballard designs catalogue on their letter plaques:
Typesetter Plaque - Large

I let it dry then painted it white and let that dry. Then I sanded it to get that vintage rubbed look. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and proud of myself for getting the exact "look" I wanted when I have never layered paint like that before! And I just made it up as I went along :)

I then took a cardboard box and using the frame as my template, cut a piece that would fit inside the bottom and covered it with fabric by hot gluing it to the back of the cardboard. Then I put it inside the frame.

I again made used the frame as a template to cut felt for the bottom of the tray so it won't scratch my coffee table. I turned the whole thing over and hot glued the felt to the bottom.

I put a few cute accessories on it and put it on the table and I was done! And I love it! (And it didn't cost a thing!)

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