Monday, February 3, 2014

A little bit of Valentine's in the house 2014

I was enjoying my house being simple and de-cluttered after Christmas and some major early Spring cleaning when my girls were ready for the Valentine's decorations. Oh alright, here we go :)

(Sorry the pictures are small, if I try to blow them up they get fuzzy.)

Valentine Greetings! On the front door is this wreath I got at Joann years ago for major clearance. It was just the wood hearts and a little thin and it always banged against the door in the wind. So I decided to "beef" it up by simply cutting strips of a piece of burlap scrap I had and hot gluing it on the back in a sort of ruffle pattern. I think it's perfect now!

When you walk in there is a dresser that holds all our media and blankets and I like to put most of the holiday decor here. I made everything you see.

On the coffee table a tray holding a couple Valentine's kids books and a mailbox for surprise cards where I keep some little felt envelopes for each member of the family. The cute Be Mine frame is from my sister in law Karen. It holds little tiles that you can switch out for each holiday.

My latest watercolor "Love One Another." (idea from Jones Design Co.)

And of course my kitchen chalkboard, love this thing!

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day?
Have a great week!

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