Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quick & Easy Crafts for the Nursery and a Sneak Peek! Part 1: Tissue pom poms

So... it's crunch time. The baby's due in 2 1/2 weeks and there has been 2 simple things I wanted to make for the nursery that I finally got around to doing today. We still need to hang the curtains and are waiting for the handmade quilts from the grandmas (hint, hint) and then it will be complete. So this is kind of a "sneak-peek" :) With my stomach hardening in braxton hicks all day though, she might come before it's done. But let's not get our hopes up :) 
The first project was these simple tissue poms. Poofs? Flowers? Whatever they are, I had read all over the internet that they are super simple to make. I followed a tutorial I found on pinterest here:

This was a no cost project for me since I always recycle tissue paper and bows and I had just enough of the colors I wanted, score! I wanted to use these instead of a mobile over the crib. So here is how they turned out:

Before I did this project I considered myself a crafty person, but somehow I managed to botch this "super easy" craft that every one and their dog can do (PINTEREST FAIL!) So don't look too closely!!! I kind of tweaked them a bit till they looked passable and decided that at this point, in between contractions, I just wanted the darn things hung. Done.

I just love the colors and the theme of this nursery, isn't it looking cute?

Come back for part two next!

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