Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Take on the Coffee Filter Wreath

This was a fun, quick, cheap project I did with my s-i-l (thanks, Karen!) We took foam board and cut it to size, then wrapped in ribbon. Then I took my coffee filters (I used about 1/2 a package) and cut off all the middles so they wouldnt be too fluffy. Then using a dowel so I wouldnt burn my fingers, I bunched them up and hot glued them all the way around. Then I scrunched the filters all over to make sure it covered every spot and then separated between my fingers and scrunched some more. I wanted them to look more like flowers instead of the fluff. Then I tied ribbon and hot glued the super cute snowflake to it. We are planning on changing out the ribbon and embellishment for every season, etc.
I'm thinking about trying a brown one, too so check back later!

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  1. Really cute and super easy. I have all of these materials laying around....hmmmm....


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