Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boys room before & after: streamlined storage with Ikea expedit bookcase

Last night my husband went to a friend's house to pick up something. And he came home with this! Just minding my business and a $70 Ikea expedit bookcase is dropped in my lap for free and I have to figure out what to do with it? Awesome.
The girls already have one of these for their toys, and we love it. Since the ol' bookcase isn't that sturdy (especially for sturdy lil' boys who like to climb), AND he wont need a changing table forever, AND when the girls grow out of their toy tubs we can just transfer them to this room... it made perfect sense to put it in here. And I love it. The whole room feels so much more streamlined and organized. And there's plenty of room to spare for all his future toys!
A quick presto- chango with a bookcase I love for free- that's Rebecca's Roundup style!!!

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