Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pre-Teen Girls Room: Pleasantly Purple {Before & After}

My niece was ready for a room makeover! There were a few things she knew she wanted: purple, purple, and purple! She was inspired by her new bedspread (see below), some PB Teen pics, and a pinterest board I created for her as I gathered tons of fun ideas and products to help her visualize what she wanted and make her room a reality. She also had some great pieces of furniture already in her room to start with, so she used what she already had and it worked out perfectly.

But first, lets take a look at a few of the "before" photos:

And now the "after":
She was so lucky to be gifted a great comfy chair that she loved for her birthday as this project began. My sister in law also found this cute little side table to go next to it for a perfect little lounge spot. They also made this jewelry board to match:

Here is her fun new bedspread. My sister in law made a ton of customized pillows for her bed. I love the monogrammed one! Above her bed is some new artwork, a framed "dream" and some fun fashion sketches her aunt (*moi*) made for her. These sketches were inspired by a PB Teen magazine picture they saw and showed to me.

I love how this turned out and I'm so happy they appreciate my humble beginning sketching and watercoloring skills!

My sis in law found these black sheers for super cheap! And added some fun purple tulle to bring it all together. Isn't my niece so cute?

I absolutely love how this wall turned out - how the desk and bookcases fit  p e r f e c t l y! You could not have planned that better! These memo boards are also my favorites - that fabric is just so fun and modern! They also were so resourceful by covering some file boxes with purple fabric...

...and embellished with nice typed labels and lil' purple flowers.

Good job! I know you worked so hard on this space and it turned out really great. It was fun "working" on this project with you over the phone and through emails and pinterest! Could you imagine the amazing things we could accomplish together if we actually lived close to each other?!
I hope you enjoy your lovely new purple room for many years to come!

Love, Aunt Rebecca :)

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