Monday, July 29, 2013

Simple Summer 2013 Decor

With all of the excitement and chaos with the new baby, I realized today that I haven't shared our summer decor. It is really simple this year and most of it is from last year which you can see here. This wreath is new, however it only cost $1 for the grapevine wreath which I thrifted and then used a bunch of fabric and felt scraps for the flowers which I hot glued on. My friend told me a girl around here is selling these on facebook for $25! I told her she should list mine because I'd much rather have the $25!

Here is "the nook" which my husband actually did - I put the stuff up there and he laid it all out and I think he did a great job! The sailboat is the only thing "new" to me - thanks, mom & dad :)

We changed up the living room a little. We needed more seating. It's too narrow for a sectional, and we can't afford one right now anyway. So I tried to use what I had and decided to move the big chair to the other side of the room and bring in these old wood chairs. I put my cheery summer blue pillows on them and our big basket for library books in between. The girls think its a great reading nook and it has definitely helped with more places to sit.

And of course here is my new chalkboard with some quick summer "art" I threw up there.

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