Monday, September 7, 2015

Fabric Pumpkins {DIY Easy No Cost Project}

This project has been on my pinterest to-do list since last Autumn. Since we had the day off and needed something to do, I decided the kids could help me do it. They each made 4 pumpkins mostly all by themselves with a little help from me. The pumpkins turned out so cute and it's super fun when you can make something entirely with stuff you already have and don't spend any money.

I followed the tutorials from here and here.

 I just grabbed fabric scraps from my stash in Autumn-ish colors in oranges, blacks and browns and let the kids pick which ones they wanted to use. Each one is different and I love that we made these together and they can play with them and they do double duty as decorations too. I love having meaningful "decor" rather than just junk you buy to fill up space.

I hope you are enjoying your Labor day holiday. Are you doing anything to get ready for the changing season?

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