Sunday, December 13, 2009


I LOVE making my kids' birthday cakes every year. This is an art I began learning and observing from my dad. When I was little I watched him fashion beautiful roses out of frosting and I love using this "talent" for my own loved ones. I am definitely an amateur, but I really enjoy it nonetheless. Some time this year I borrowed a copy of this book from the library. "Creative cakes anyone can make" by Jill Foster. I highly recommend it to beginners. Her method explains that basically you can decorate with frosting by using cursive letters that you repeat in a design to decorate the cake, along with the other basics of cake making and decorating.
Another reason why I like making cakes is because I am a do-it-yourselfer and it is resourceful. Not to mention it is great customizing it to your own little princesse's desires. It is SO exciting to say "I want a lavender cake with blue decoration" and VOILA your momma creates it just for you!
In this book, she made a "Happily ever after castle" cake. So I basically copied it and this is what I came up with:

Here is the princess herself in front of the cake table. TAKE NOTE: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO, AND SAVE YOURSELF LOTS OF $$$! Homemade cake-cake pans from garage sale, leftover halloween candy-free, how to book-free from library. Reused princess wrapping paper for table covering. Princess watercolor art done by my daughters from gigantic coloring book for $1 from garage sale. Belle princess dress $1 garage sale. Belle happy bday garland and 2 packs of invitations, $1 from another garage sale. Belle princess shoes $2 from consignment sale. Streamers, pink plates and cellophane goody bags from Dollar tree. Party favors: homemade cookies with leftover cake frosting, scrap scrapbook paper, and 5 year pics of bday girl taken by yours truly and downloaded on
This is an art, people! I've talked about this before, but it's all about your shopping habits throughout the year and training your eye to find what to look for, and training your mind to learn the smallest cost you can pay for what you need and want.
My daughter was THRILLED with her princess party, and that CAKE what THE CUTEST thing you have ever seen! I can't wait for the next party!!!


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  2. No prob. It is great that you can work!!!

  3. Okay seriously, it truly IS an art. Yeah, I can find stuff for cheap, but no matter HOW many classes I take on cake decorating, I must've been somewhere else when they were handing out this talent. Amazing!

  4. I think if I hadn't watched my dad at a young age, and he taught me the basics of how to hold the piping bag- it would be much harder! It takes practice, I'm still not very good! Thanks so much for the comments! :)

  5. Umm can your Dad teach me the basics? lol!!

  6. Yours turned out awesome! Good job!


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