Monday, June 14, 2010


We needed to lighten up a little and change out Spring for Summer. It is finally started to really feel (HOT) like Summer. I must say I have not minded the milder weather one bit! This is a HUGE apothecary jar I got last month at a garage sale for $3! I decided to Summer-ize it. Rocks from the dollar store (I already had), balls from the dollar store (I already had), Pottery Barn candle I got on clearance from PB for $2.99 (I already had). But it needed something. I looked everywhere for a starfish, but didnt want to pay $10 for one. And I realized that since the opening to the jar is only about 3 inches, I needed a small one. Guess where I found one? The dollar store of course! In the craft section. I was so excited. $1 was all I needed and instantly my living room feels Summery! Bonus: I saw the same starfish by the same brand at Michael's for $5! So total cost to buy this display at my prices would be $9. (The jar still has the tag from Home Goods on it for $30~)

Our family picture wall I am very proud of. I didn't like the way the frames were so I took them all down and re-organized, measuring and marking every single one on the wall. I LOVE the way it turned out! I learned even though it takes more time, it's definitely worth getting out the tape measure and doing it right. (Picture has been removed).
"new" pillow covers from clearance home dec. fabric. I think it cost me around $3. It really helped lighten up the space.
And my craft space! Proof that I AM working on some projects, I just haven't finished any yet! Results coming soon!


  1. I do too! I have this crystal vase that has apples in the fall, xmas balls for winter, and lemons for spring/summer!

  2. CUte Rebecca! I need to decorate...maybe when ihave more energy.


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