Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! {how to make a Rapunzel yarn wig}

To make a yarn wig: cut legs off old stockings. Turn inside out and trim into a nice curve shape to conform to the head. Sew up (I handstiched). Then take yarn, I used Red Heart brand yarn worsted medium 364 yards on sale for $. 2.50,
I turned my coffee table upside down and after taping one end to a leg, wrapped the rest around he legs until the end. (sorry no pic, I forgot). Then I tied a string around the center of the lengths of yarn, opposite the leg where I taped down the start, then cut all the yarn on the leg where it started. Pick up from center and place center where you want the part to be. I chose a side part. I hand stiched every yarn or two from the front of the stocking head piece until I ran out. Then place on your model and try to straighten and untangle as much as possible. Holding tightly, put yarn into 3 sections for braiding. Start braiding making sure yarn covers "scalp" and is taut. Tie off braid at desired length with same color yarn. And there you have it!

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