Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Homemade Paper Flag Banner Garland {no cost}

I promise I am not teasing you about the girl's room - I will post pictures soon! I just have a few more projects to finish up and I don't want to put up pictures until it's ALL done.

In the meantime, here is a fun, quick, easy project anyone can do!

I whipped this up in a half hour. For this project you will need: scrapbook paper, yarn, a stapler, scissors, ruler, pencil, and homemade template.
To save paper and time, I figured the easiest way was to cut the paper in half so you have 6" x 12" pieces. I wasnt sure how many papers I would need to cover the length so I attatched them first, then cut the triangle out of the bottom.
I attatched them by simply folding the paper over the yarn (I eyed it) and stapling 3 times across the fold.
Then I made a 6" x 12" template from recycled cardboard that came in the scrapbook package and using a ruler and pencil made a triangle on the bottom and cut it out. I then traced this onto each flag and cut them out. I tacked them to the walls with tacs and it was perfect! I love how it will be able to be used again and again!

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