Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Decor 2012 {part 1}

Welcome to my new home! Here is a peek inside at my humble little Easter decorations. This year is all about using what I have and trying to throw it together while still unpacking boxes!
At the front door you might recognize my house-warming present to myself at the last home which I showed you how to make here {}.
I'm still keeping up with my homemade Welcome Sign by switching out the ribbons each month which I blogged about here {}
The vinyl tile was made by my lovely SIL with an entire set of cute tiles for the year. I'm excited to finally have the perfect place to display it on the entry console table. The country bunny and tree were a garage sale steals and the nest and greenery were cheap from Goodwill. A few nights ago I threw together the little egg ornaments using my girls stickers(!), a round paper punch, some ribbon scraps, and tape. {no cost!} My first thought was to buy some tree eggs on ebay but at this late in the game and not wanting to spend money, the wheels turned until I came up with this 'good enough' for now solution.
Across from the front door when you walk in you'll see the piano which I topped with a runner from Ikea and hung my mirror over as a lovely place for seasonal decor. Here I have my favorite garage sale topiaries {}, my dollar store bird {}, my spring blocks I made last month {}, and a garale sale Easter egg wreath. I got it last year right after Easter and it's so fun to finally put it up!
Then are my faux tulips I love. They just say Spring to me.
I hope you enjoyed part one of this post! Check back tomorrow to see the rest :)

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  1. WOW! U moved in LAST weekend??
    Where's the PB bunny?
    Looks like Easter found u guys 4 sure!


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