Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Organized: My Home Cleaning Schedule

Last week I came across a pin on pinterest about making a weekly cleaning schedule that works for you. Basically taking 15 minutes a day and tackling one chore each day to keep your home maintained. It inspired me to type up a new list for myself and I am satisfied with what I came up with, especially knowing it should be realistic and what works for me.
I took the idea I saw on pinterest and combined it with two other lists I have- one from Martha Stewarts book on housekeeping and one from a Real Simple 2005 magazine. Here is what I came up with, my master cleaning schedule from each day to every year. Feel free to print this for your own personal use!

All laundry, fluff pillows
Dust & vacuum thoroughly
Kitchen, wipe down all surfaces, disinfect counters & sink, mop floor
Clean upstairs bathroom
Organize papers, desks, file
Clean downstairs bath (kids)

vacuum upholstery
wipe/disinfect trash cans
disinfect doorknobs
dust ceiling fans
wipe down cabinet fronts
clean inside microwave
clean out magazines
wipe windows

flip mattresses
launder pillows
clean window treatments
clean out fridge, vacuum coil
dust baseboards
scrub shower/tub
launder rugs, mats
vacuum lamp shades

clean inside of cabinets
scrub tile grout
touch up paint, wood floors
clean carpets

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