Friday, August 1, 2014

The Friday Four Roundup {3}

1. My daughter took a cooking class at the art festival this week. My favorite day was when she brought us homemade strawberry jam that she made. Super YUM!

2. I had lots of fun teaching these kids popsicle stick and pipe cleaner art. On Wednesday, we started off by making our own bubble wands and blowing bubbles with a solution recipe I found {here}. (Worked great, don't think I will ever buy bubble solution again! It costs pennies and is so simple).

3. Are you familiar with H&M? It is a European clothing store, I'm assuming that is found at most malls across America now. Did you know H&M sells {homegoods}? I didn't either until I saw someone else pin one of their products on Pinterest. I was like "Whaaaaaaat? How did I not know this?" And their prices are very affordable. Their home products are only online and right now through August 10th they have free shipping with the code: 1991.

4. Speaking of H&M home goods, here is a sneak peak of what I will be sharing with you soon of how I spiced up some of their cushion covers I bought for my sofas. (They were only six bucks. For heavy cotton canvas zippered pillow covers. SIX BUCKS people!) Anyway, stay tuned to find out what I did to make them even better.

Tonight we will be watching my daughters perform and also checking out all the art projects at the open house from this week's art festival. Have a great weekend!

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