Friday, October 3, 2014

The Friday Four Roundup #12

1. This week my husband brought home a sack overflowing with apples! Yesterday I made apple bread and muffins and apple butter. I used 7 cups of apples and made a dent in them. I have plans to make apple desserts and more bread next. Did you know you can make apple pie filling and apple crisp ahead of time and freeze it? Also, if you need a good apple bread recipe, I just used my favorite zucchini bread recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and substituted the apple for zucchini and applesauce for oil.

2. I came across a couple good articles this week, the first one {HERE}. About a mom just trying to find some decent modest shorts for her daughters at Target, and the awesome response she got.

3. The second article about how being a stay at home parent is a luxury for your spouse is {HERE}.

4. On Monday I will be sharing my idea for October's Teacher Appreciation. See ya then!

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