Friday, November 14, 2014

Burlap and Felt Thanksgiving Silhouette Banner (No Cost!)

This banner was inspired by three Thanksgiving decor items that I LOVED and I put them all into one. 

This pennant, these silhouettes, and a banner very similar to this one that my mom made when I was little.

This project cost me no money as I used what I had on hand (woot!)

Gather your supplies: Burlap, felt, silhouettes, hot glue, scissors, pencil, sharpie, ribbon, dowel.

I started by cutting the burlap into about a 8" strip and making sure it would hang straight. Then I took my {pilgrim boy silhouette} and traced it twice onto paper, then erasing and drawing to create a pilgrim girl and an Native American boy. Then I drew the turkey in the correct size. Looking at the pennant and silhouettes I mentioned above helped.

Using a silver sharpie, I traced the silhouettes onto the black felt. To cut, I used small sharp Fiskars make sure I got crisp details.

I spaced them out on the burlap to decide where I wanted them to go and then hot glued them down. I had to put paper underneath the burlap because the glue would squish through and then I just tore the paper off the back gently. You can't see where the paper stuck.

I pulled two lines of strings from either side of the burlap for my finished edge. I glued ribbon to the top back edges for hanging and then glued a dowel that I cut to size. The dowel keeps the banner from folding in half from the weight. (You can see cardboard under the towel which I tried first but it wasnt strong enough).

Then, hang it up and enjoy!

I LOVE how it turned out!
Have a great weekend, it's starting to get really cold here but no snow yet!

~ Rebecca

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  1. This is just lovely! Thanks for sharing! I also wanted to remind you of the Found & Foraged linky party this Saturday night (tomorrow) at 8PM (CT). Last week's debut party was a total success, and we'd love to have you stop by! Kyla @


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