Thursday, November 12, 2015

No Sew DIY Tote Bag Makeover: Cute Pockets! (No Cost)

Supplies: Canvas tote bag with pockets, fabric scraps a little bigger than the pockets, iron, ruler, scissors, fabric glue, gluestick.

I started with this tote bag I had lying around and went through my fabric scraps for something that would make cute pockets. I cut the fabric to about 1/2" bigger than the actual pocket.

I ironed the fabric and then folded over each edge to exactly the pocket dimensions and ironed them down.

I used just a cheap gluestick, glueing and then pressing down the fabric, to make sure the under edges would stay down thus making it easier for the next step.

Using fabric glue, I applied to all edges then attached the fabric square on top of the existing pocket, pressing firmly then set a stack of books on top until dry.

And here she is in all her new pocket cuteness!


  1. What a brilliant idea. Now I will hang on to those...well not so cute bags.

  2. What a creative and usual idea!


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