Monday, March 13, 2017

Purple Parisian Birthday Party Part 2/2: Party Games

Welcome party guests! Bonjour!

As guests arrived, they each got a Paris picture to color. The birthday girl had to stay out of the room while they colored, then we displayed their art in our "Louvre Museum," and the birthday girl picked her favorite and the winner got a prize.

Here are the party favors - homemade macarons.

For this party game, the girls were divided into pairs and given random supplies that I had- plastic table covers, crepe paper, balloons, tape and scissors. They had to create ensembles for "Paris Fashion Week." Then they modeled them on the "runway" and everyone voted for the winners, who won a prize.

Another game was constructing Eiffel Towers out of sugar wafers and frosting. It was more difficult than I was anticipating. A few girls made Arch de Triomphes instead. 

Other games we did that I didn't get pictures of were a sheet of matching the French party words to their meanings (from the Fanvy Nancy website), and cup stacking challenges building the Eiffel Tower. 
Overall, it was a successful party and everyone had a great time!
The party was Tre's Magnifique!!! Aurevoir!

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