Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Roundup of What I’ve Been Up To This New Year

For my birthday, I asked my husband to make me a farmhouse headboard. He's still working on it but here it is so far: 
I'm so excited! I'm thinking about going with white. Plans from here.

Also for my birthday, my husband surprised me with flowers. Pink is my favorite and my dad used to always get me a carnation so it's extra special. 

Next week will mark one year of me keeping track of a strict diet and exercise program. I am finally back to where I was 8 years ago!

I wanted to make sugar cookies during December but never got around to it. We had a huge snow day last Saturday so it was the perfect activity to keep us busy and warm.
Get recipe here.

As part of our Christmas presents, we surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland. That 70 degree sunny SoCal weather is calling my name. I can't wait to get out of our single digits and we're all super excited to do Disney!

Chalkboard from here.

I hope you are enjoying your 2018 thus far.
~ Rebecca

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