Monday, March 19, 2012

Paper Pinwheel Wreath

My S-I-L loves Spring and is here today sharing this super adorable Pinwheel Wreath.

Hi! Thanks for letting me share today. I love 2 sided scrapbook paper and almost had to pinch myself when I saw the idea for this wreath. So let’s get started!

1. Cut (12) 5" x 5" squares of your favorite 2 sided scrapbook paper.

2. Measure in 2 1/2" from each corner toward the middle.

3. Cut the lines on the squares. This will leave the middle of the square uncut.

4. Take the left corner of each square and glue it to the middle of the square. Repeat with all the corners.

5. Place your wreath on the counter. Mine is 12” and is cut from foam core board.

6. Arrange your pinwheels and make sure they look great.

7. Glue your pinwheels on going around the wreath and kind of tucking them under each other as you go.

8. Glue a button to the center of each pinwheel.

9. Add a ribbon or a cloth to hang and enjoy.

Happy Spring it’s only 3 days away – but who’s counting?

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