Sunday, March 9, 2014

Decorator's Trick: Hall Mirror {Quick Fix and No Cost!}

I learned a new trick recently just from browsing pretty pictures of small spaces on Apartment Therapy. I noticed several homes had mirrors at the end of a hall. Why had I never thought of this? What an easy way to make a very small space feel bigger. I use mirrors all the time, I especially love to put them across from a window to "double" the open feeling or on the sides of windows to "expand" them, but the thought had never occurred to me to put them at the end of a hall.

Here, you will observe picture A:
this is probably the hardest working area of the home. This hall holds the doorways to the kids rooms, hooks for their backpacks and coats, the kids bathroom which also becomes the guest bathroom when we have guests, the laundry and utility closet, and this hall begins just beyond the kitchen- the fridge, more specifically, the other hardest working space in our home.

That's A LOT of functions for one tiny space. Often it feels cramped and the second I have to open a laundry door and haul over some laundry baskets, I start to feel clausterphobic. YUCK. Enter my new hall mirror knowledge....

By simply moving some picture frames around and "shopping" my living room for a mirror, this space now feels SO much bigger.

Ahhhhh. I can breathe a little easier now. So. Much. Better.

Have you learned any new decorating tricks lately? Have a great week!

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