Friday, September 12, 2014

The Friday Four Roundup #9 {Favorite Fall Scents}

We LOVE Fall scents in my house. We wait all year long until Autumn comes so we can spice up the air around here ;)

Here is a small list of our top favorites:

Probably my number one top scent of all time. Right now :) And it works for winter as well.

2. Scentsy COZY FIRESIDE. 
It smells just like you would imagine. You just want to curl up with a blanket and appreciate life. Also great for winter.

2. Anything pear. My husband particularly loves this Yankee Candle GOLDEN SPICED PEAR that a lovely friend gave us because she remembered I love anything pear (how sweet is that?). We like to use this one to make the house smell great, and in the kitchen as well.

4. Bath and Body Works SWEET CINNAMON PUMPKIN. This is another all time fave. My hubs and I discovered this on one of our dates at the mall as a newly married couple and fell in love with it and have loved it ever since. Awww. One thing I love about scents is that they can instantly bring back memories. This one always reminds me of fall in our first apartment and then 10+ years of fall memories since then!

Also, pretty much anything Pumpkin from BandBWorks is a winner. And it's so lovely that yummy smelling stuff isn't just limited to wax, we love to break out the festive soap this time of year too!

What are your favorite fall scents? Is it feeling like fall where you live? We still have sun and nice weather, but it is definitely getting chilly nights and mornings here. Have a great weekend!

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