Friday, July 9, 2010

PROJECTS Week of July 4th: baby shower preparation

This has nothing to do with the shower, but I made some homemade blackberry jam for the 1st time.

My 2 awesome friends are throwing me a baby shower tomorrow. I am so excited! It has been over 5 years since my last one and this time everything will be BLUE instead of PINK! I put together little bags for each of these hostesses to show my appreciation.
Here is a quick project I did with the leftover foam board I used for my chore chart to make them each a monogram wall cutie.
Supplies: foam board, monogram letters printed from computer, scrapbook paper, fabric, scissors, glue gun.

I cut two 6" squares and covered the front with fabric. On the backside, hot glue the corners down first, then the sides. Then I glued a small piece of ribbon for the hangers and a scrapbook paper square a little smaller than 6" to make it look nice on the back.

Then using my printed letters as stencils I put them over the scrapbook paper of choice and cut out the letters. I mounted them with foam mounting tape and VOILA! Done.

My next endeavor was chocolate cake balls for party favor thank you's for all the lovelies who will be attending tomorrow. Apparrently these are the newest thing and I've seen them all over blogland although I had never actually had one.
I used a basic chocolate cake from scratch from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, chocolate frosting, and chocolate almond bark. I mixed the directions from here and here to my liking.

Here is the "dough" as I scooped the balls.

I used two little appetizer forks I had for dipping.

And here is the result! They're not as pretty as some, I need more practice, but I was pleased with the results. They taste pretty good, too!

These are all the leftover balls! It made 55 total, so I froze the rest.

Here is my adorable tag for the favors.

Finished product!

Have a great weekend and stay posted for pics from the shower!!!

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