Saturday, July 24, 2010

SO BUMMED! No more Max factor ~ Need help!

I have been all over town this last week looking for my favorite mascara: Max Factor 2000 calorie. After a couple stores I remembered that it was only sold in certain ones, but after going EVERYWHERE I finally realized that maybe I wouldn't find it. So I got online and sure enough, they are no longer selling it in the United States! That's better than going out of business, because it's still available, but now I would have to buy it overseas and of course it's more expensive. Anyone who knows me knows that is not my style, but I really LOVE this mascara! (whimper). I tried a lot of different ones when I was younger and this one was the keeper.
SO: this is what this mascara is and I need help finding one just as good.~no flaking, no eye irritation, long lasting, easy to apply several coats, no leftovers or black ring around the eye after washing off, straight or curved brush option, and overall, just makes your lashes look BIG and AMAZING.
Help? Please?

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  1. I will definitely keep an eye out for you. I HATE when makeup gets discontinued!

    I use LOreal Voluminous, a mac on and a clinque one. However I know the brands and types that work for me don't always work for my friends and visa-versa.


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