Friday, July 2, 2010

PROJECTS Week of June 27th: Wood Quilt, Chore Chart, and Happy 4th of July!

#1: My first post is from my clever crafty sis-in-law.(You can see some of her other cuties here and here.) This is the Liberty Scrap wood quilt. She got this idea from knock-off which you can see by clicking here. She says, "I used a pallet for the wood. It cost me $5. That's for everything including paint and nails." She got a free pallet and took it apart and used all the wood from that. Then a friend gave her some wood backing. And she made two. 5 bucks?! That's MY kind of craft! That's why I think she is so clever and crafty, she is always thinking up ways to do stuff for the cheapest- just like me! Thanks for the show and share, sis, it looks great!
Project #2 is what I've been working on this week. I have been wanting to create a chore chart. I have looked at all different ones but none met my fancy, until I saw THIS ONE on one of my favorite sites, Brown Paper Packages. Here is my Budget Version!
Supplies: Foam board from dollar store, packing tape (you can get at $ store), clothespins from $ store, ribbon, shape punch, and clip art from computer. Also glue gun, reward stickers or such (can also get at $ store), scissors, cardstock, and paint or paper or ribbon if you want to clothespins different than their natural form.
Prepare: paint clothespins.
First, print up clip art from computer matching the chores you want. Print and if you dont have a color printer, color. A square punch is in the pic, but I ultimately decided to use a round punch for each chore picture.
Second, punch out enough circles to have a reward sticker or phrase on the opposite side of each clothespin. Attach stickers, or write or stamp phrase on circles.
Third, attach packing tape to circles. WHY, you ask? This is my cheap way of laminating! I'm pretty sure I invented this. I put the circles on one end of the tape and then folded over the tape and cut them out. This is just to make them sturdier so they don't get bent from little fingers.
Fourth, cut board according to size. One thing I was not anticipating was the yucky raw edge that happened when I cut it. So I glued white ribbon "binding" around the edges.
Fifth, GLUE! Glue the circles to the clothespins, glue names to the board, glue ribbon across board for each kid, glue hanger to back of board.
Chore side, then when completed....
Reward side!

Finished project! Each child has a row of daily chores, the third row is for stuff that only occurs once a week or so.
Total cost: Foam board $1, clothespins $1= a whopping TWO DOLLARS! Everything else I already had! What'ya think? I think I'm just glad that it's DONE! And the kids totally love it, too:)


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