Tuesday, October 27, 2009


These adorable wood pumpkins are from my sister-in-law, Karen. She was so nice to let me use her pictures for my blog!
She and her friends like to do a fall craft every year. They bought wood in 4x4 and 1x1 size. Then cut it into 8", 6" and 4" blocks and 1" blocks for the stems. Then they used a sander to round the edges. Then they painted the body of the pumpkins brown or black first so when you sand the edges, it shows up underneath. Then paint them orange, and the stems green. After they dry, sand around the edges to your liking. She added some jute around the stems. Then she used her 3" "whimsy" scrapbook stencil letters for the words. I think it would be cute to do fun faces on the pumpkins like on my can-tainers, or B-O-O. There are so many fun things you can do. But I love "trick or treat" as well!
I want to give props to Karen and her friends as they came up with this adorable craft all their own! And my favorite part: It cost $8 for the wood and $5 for the paint, and they made 4 sets. That equals only $3.25 per project!


  1. How cute! Such a crafty family! =)

  2. Like I said, I LOVE them! Maybe we can get together and do them next year. Actually, I guess you won't need to... you already have them! Duh!

  3. No, my sis in law has them, but I want to have them!


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