Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you could not tell already, I love pumpkins. When I decorate this time of year, I love to decorate with more natural decor, with more natural and fall colors, and organic stuff. Not all grocery stores sell the mini pumpkins so when I saw crates of them at Savemart yesterday, I went a tad bit pumpkin crazy. I loaded up my basket, and then the cake stand when I got home. My justification is that they make a cute gift for others this time of year. So if I need something, I can just grab one from my stash. Not to mention they make a great and easy centerpiece :)

More pumpkins for the front door...
As I began a pumpkin priject yesterday, I had the girls get busy too. I just googled "halloween coloring pages" and got all kinds of cute ones.
So here is thier project.......
And here is mine. Last night we went to a friend's for dinner. She never lets me bring anything, so I decided to bring her a hostess gift of pumpkins! I wanted to do their family's last name initial and two mini's for their kiddos.
The project materials: Pumpkins, sharpie, alphabet template, acrylic paint and brush.
First I took the sharpie and by looking at the alphabet, freehanded the "S" in a thin line. Then with the black acrylic paint, went over it and added the detailed shape. Then I decided to go crazy and add polka dots to all of them! It was lots of fun! They were looking so cute, I couldn't resist doing a baby one for me!
The final results.

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  1. CUTE! I saw a similar project with numbers painted on the pumpkin,s so cute! I only wish my free hand skills were zs good as yours! We are goign to the pumpkin patch next week I can't wait to get some good ones.


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