Tuesday, October 13, 2009


image from vampyvarnish.com

Ok all my peeps! I found out that there are ALOT MORE of you reading my blog than I knew! I thought there were like, 2 of you. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, and don't be shy, become a follower. Seriously, I started this thing just for fun and it is sort of a hobby now, and I love reading the comments and feedback, it is like fun girly adult conversation that I hardly get these days. I am so happy that you enjoy my ideas- I had no idea! LOVE YA!

And Today's Favorite: RIMMEL 60 SECOND nail polish.
Love this for a couple reasons: it's cheap, it has trendy but pleasant colors, and it really DRIES IN SECONDS! Hello!
Love. it. Go get some!


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  2. wow I wonder if they have any dark colors. That sounds really convenient!


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