Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So before fall comes, my husband starts asking when and if I am going to start making pumpkin bread. The second fall comes, my husband asks me where the bread is. It is really good. We all enjoy it. It is a recipe I got from my husband's aunt that she always makes. Don't ask- it is a secret. Anyway, here it is the 15th day of fall and our house AND tummies have already had their fair share of it. I have made EIGHT LOAVES already. My husband wanted to know if it's because I love him or because I'm tired of him asking me. I told him BOTH! But I have to admit that I like this tradition too. And I LOVE the way my house smells when it is baking. You can't put that in a candle. So here's to delicious, fall, pumpkin bread.

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