Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Did you know that if you go to any checkout at Kohl's and fill out your email address, you will be emailed a coupon for $10 off any purchase? Yeah! That's like free money, people. I bought a shirt on clearance and they ended up giving ME 80 cents. SWEET.


  1. WOW! good to know! Headed over there to get my coupon!! what did you buy??? You should try using ebates if you ever shop there again. I use it every time I shop online and I get money back in my paypal account every 3 months. More free money! =)
    check it out:

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip! I am going to head over there to copy your Lauren Conrad look!

  3. LOL! You should make a another free money post and post a link and you can get free money for any referrals you make on ebates!! Ok I am taking your quiz now =)


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