Monday, October 12, 2009


PROJECT #1: This last June I was a lucky winner of a blog give-away over on Homemade by Jill. It was so awesome, I never win anything, I couldn't believe it. Pretty much like Christmas. Anyway, I won an "EZ-View desk-top." It is great for crafts or whatever you want because the top of the desk is plexi-glass and you just slide out the drawers. I pictured myself filling it with craft stuff and sticking it under the bed and then just pulling it out and toting it around to anywhere in the house I was working on a project. Um, not so much. It was way too heavy and big for that. So I ended up buying these cheap-o metal legs from IKEA and my sweet dad screwed them on for me. So now I have a cute little desk in my room. I left the paper on the plexi-glass so it won't get scratched so when I have my some-day house, I can take off the paper and it will still be like new!

PROJECT #2: Do you have an Idea Book? If not, you should. I actually have three: Interior Design ideas for my dream house, Crafts/Projects/Ideas, and all those articles and what-nots you pull out of magazines and want to hold on to.
Today I organized the Craft/Projects/Ideas book.
I will list the categories to help inspire you to do your own and give you a head-start!
Interior Design Book: master bedroom, master bath, girls: nursery and room, boys: nursery and room, kids bath, office/den, playroom, living/family room, dining area, kitchen, outside, anywhere decor, seasonal, paint chips and notes.
Magazine What-nots: Good/important info, home care, health/beauty, fashion, things to be done (type of medical info for wallets, make list of everything we own for insurance, etc)
Craft/Projects/Ideas: Birthday parties & cakes, holidays, crafts & homemade gifts, templates, homemade house decor, sewing & quilts.

Project #3: Pumpkin Can-tainers
I came up with this a few years ago and have been doing it for friends (adults should get goodies for halloween too!) It is a perfect project for me because I recycle, use things I already have, and it costs nothing.
STEP ONE: collect cans throughout the month of October. Strip the labels off, clean and dry them.
STEP TWO: dig out your orange, black and white acrylic paints and brushes. (or orange spray paint if you happen to have that lying around). Paint orange all over cans, let dry. Then do white eyes, let dry. Then black pupils, mouths, noses, and any additions. I did a few stars, a spider on one, dots on another. I like getting their mouths kind of crooked, I think it adds character. STEP THREE: fill with green tissue paper for the "stems" and load 'em up with candycorn! I've also done them without tissue paper and punched holes in each side and added wire handles. I might tie the "stems" this year with jute after they're filled.


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  2. Ah! An idea book. Works way better than what I have (a very cluttered desk drawer.) I am going to organize one this week.

    I wish I found this blog about 2 weeks ago. We were trying to think of some Halloween craft ideas for Primary and those little Pumpkin Can-tainers would have been perfect!

  3. yay Jacki! make sure to check out Rebecca's stuff she is the most creative person I know LOL! Plus you two probably have lots of (baby/family) stuff in common I am not there yet!!

  4. Those little cans are GREAT for "Boo-ing" people! Do u guys still do that or is it last season?
    Great idea about the binder for ideas... We had one for things we wanted in a house and when we
    built the DREAM, it ended up 9,000 sq. ft!!
    THEN I needed a new binder for ideas on how to keep it clean!!!
    Fun idea blog, cute ideas!!

  5. Way cute cans. LOVE the idea book... I have one, but I haven't actually put most of the ripped out magazine pages IN it yet... They're still somewhere. It's on my project list.


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