Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 2011 Spring Style & setting a Spring/Summer Table

The Spring Lineup: strawberries, lavender, sage, boxwood and hydrangea - my favorite flower.
I love terra cotta pots and how they get better with age. I also love hearty plants, I (ahem) do better with the heartier ones such as lavender, sage and boxwood, the type of plants that can grow in the desert even in between long periods of drought (or someone remembering to water them!) The strawberries made it from last year. These are a Mother's Day gift from my hubby.

I just love this Willow Tree figurine and had to add it for all things Spring : "New Life." It is a part of my living room Spring decorating.
Now to the fun stuff. Went to a fantastic neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and found everything on my wish list! SO FUN!!!! Among my wishes were topiaries. Found these for $1 each. AAAHHHHH!!!
I decided to grace the piano forte with them. I love symmetry. It reminds me of the landscapes in Paris.

And here is the Spring hutch decor. I am just lovin' the arrangement. Another thing on my wish list- this is totally random!- a decorative pineapple. See it on the right hand side? It was a GOOD Saturday :)
ALSO, this fantastic yellow fabric I got for 25 cents! Couldnt decide whether to make it into napkins or save it, for now I just decided to iron it and lay it on the table = pretty. It is already hemmed on 3 of the 4 sides. It must have been a curtain or something in its past life. Score!

Everything else I already had, just "shopped" the house.

This arrangement is a great example of my style and how I shop. You will find everything in my home is 99% gift, hand me down, garage sale, clearance or ebay for cheap, cheap, cheap.
Rundown: Vinyl-lettered tile and frame: gift. Apothecary jar: garage sale $3. Lemons: goodwill $3. Vintage French enamel building number plaque: gift. Ivy and styrofoam balls: Michael's w/ 40% coupon, I cant remember how much, we'll say $5. Moss: dollar tree $1. Wood letter: Kohl's $2.75. Basket: gift. Topiary: goodwill $3. Pot: pottery barn clearance $7. (and that's expensive for me!) Rooster: gift. (and he is our "pet rooster" we call him Rocky :). Pineapple: garage sale $1. So that's a total of $26. But it was bought over the last 8 years and most of it has been used and moved around other parts of the house a million times. The apothecary jar alone still has the original price tag from HomeGoods for $25!

What is your Spring Style? And have you set your table for anything fun lately?


  1. Looks beautiful! Love the table setting and arrangement on the hutch.

  2. Love your table. that fabric is really pretty. I would have a hard time deciding whether to cut up leave it.. Many blessings, marlis


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