Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kid Craft: Sock Kitties

Supplies: adult size knee-high socks, strong & fast drying fabric glue or hot glue, stuffing, yarn, felt scraps, embroidery floss.
Step 1: turn sock inside out and flatten it with heel on one side. Cut ear shapes from center of toe. Glue or stitch ends together.
Step 2: when dry, turn sock right side out, using a stick or pencil to point the ears. Push stuffing in ears, then stuff the rest just past the heel.
Step 3: cut sock's leg into 3 equal strips and braid to almost the end. Secure the end with yarn and knot. Tie yarn around cat's neck.
Step 4: cut small felt circles, pupils and nose. Glue three 3" strands of floss across back of nose then glue on features.

1 comment:

  1. Totally cute! And the girls w/ their Hello Kitty n hair curls are darling!!


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